About Us

Captain Ruben sailing South Padre Island

Meet Your Captain

I am Captain Ruben Ureste. I have been sailing these waters for nearly 30 years. I know every pothole, spoil bank and sandbar in the bay. Navigating at night is no problem for me. I know where all the wind currents run through and where to harbor from the wind. Safely having fun is paramount. 

Thanks, Captain Ruben.

Under Pressure Sailing Charters

Meet Your Boat

The sailing vessel you will be on is a Stiletto 27 cruising catamaran that can comfortably cater up to 6 passengers. It is 27 ft. long x 14 ft. wide. Powered by a 2016 15HP Suzuki outboard for the auxiliary power. 

His name is "Under Pressure."

Sailing SPI

Meet the Laguna Madre

The Laguna Madre was formed about 3000 years ago. It's divided into two by the Intracoastal Waterway spoil banks on the Western side along the Intracoastal. West Bay is a much smaller, deeper, gusty, and murky water bay. While the East Bay is the jewel of South Padre Island. This bay is larger in square miles, 3-4 ft. in depth, and runs along the island North and South. Most water sport activities happen here such as kayaking, windsurfing, paddle boarding, kite boarding and sailing. The grassy bottom and lack of current equals beautiful, clear water.